The comedy club @Highams park

We are excited to announce we will be running a FREE comedy workshop over the Easter holidays 8th -12th of April for ages 11-19. You will be taught by comedy working actors and stand up comedians ready to put on a show of stand up pieces and comedic monologues at the end of the week. Parents and carers are invited in for The comedy club showcase on Friday the 12th of April at 6pm to enjoy a night of hysterics! Come
and have a laugh at The comedy club!

8th – 11th of April 10-3pm and 12th April 1:30-6pm
Winchester road Methodist church
Winchester road
Higham’s park
E4 9JP

To book please click HERE

Superhero School

Calling all superhero’s in the making! Could be the next Spider Man or Wonder Woman? Are you as strong as The Hulk? Put your super powers to the test at our Superhero school. Can you dodge the Kryptonite or be a super thinker like Batman and help find the missing Jewels? All hero’s will get the chance to make their own mask and get their very own superhero tattoo! Have you got what it takes to graduate at superhero school?

Monday 8 th April 10-12:30pm
Venue: Location: Green Leaf primary school, 80 green leaf road, E17 6QW

Tuesday 16 th April 2-4:30pm
Venue: St Marys RC, Station road, E4 7BJ

You’ve Been Slimed

Come along and make your own slime at our fantastic slime making workshop.

Come and join us and have a slimetastic time at our slime bar where you can choose lots of goodies to personalize your slime. Get gooey and then make your way over to our slime pot station where you get to decorate your own slime pot.

Monday 8 th April 2-4:30pm
Venue: St Marys RC, Station road, E4 7BJ

Monday 15 th April 2-4:40pm
Venue: Coppermill primary, Edward road, E17 6PB

Savvy Science 

Ever wondered how our food is digested and turns in to poop?l Wonder no more with our savvy science club! A practical, hands on class (we get to make our own poop!) where we go through all the stages from the first chew to down the loo. Come and have a blast and learn about the stinky stuff. Parents are encouraged to muck in! An educational workshop that us children’s entertainers bring to life!

Tuesday 9 th April 10-12:30pm
Venue: Edinburgh primary school, 97 Queens road, E17 8QR

D.I.Y Lava lamps

Let’s go back to the 60’s and get groovy at our funky lava lamp making workshop Would you like to make your very own lava lamp which you can take home and impress your family and friends? We encourage you to bring a plastic bottle to recycle but we have plenty of recycled bottles for you to use. Come and get groovy!

Tuesday 9 th April 2-4:30pm
Venue: Coppermill primary, Edward road, E17 6PB

Tuesday 16 th April 10-12:30pm
Venue: Greenleaf primary school, 80 Greenleaf road, E17 6QW

Mad hatters tea party!

It’s your very merry unbirthday! Come and join our mad hatter’s tea party. Alice and friends will show you some magic and take you on a wonderland adventure to find the missing Cheshire cat. Whilst you are here in Wonderland you are officially invited to the Queen of Hearts dance contest and you could even make it on the Queens winners list! Get involved in our crazy crafts and make your very own pocket watch. Don’t be late, late, late for a very important date!

Friday 12 th April 10-12:30pm
Venue: Handsworth primary school, Handsworth Avenue, E4 9PJ

Pirate training academy

Got what it takes to be a pirate? Can you ride the waves of the seven seas? Well jump on board and come along to our pirate training workshops! Children can undertake games and missions to become part of the crew through a pirate adventure story. Children will get the opportunity to make their own treasure map, eye patch or hook. You will also be able to get your very own pirate tattoo and participate in our treasure hunt to find some goodies for all. Get your hands-on deck and see what it’s like to be a real pirate.

Wednesday 10 th April 10-12:30pm
Venue: Chapel end infants, Roberts road, E17 4LN