We deliver multi activity holiday and after school clubs and childrens entertainment!
We are very passionate about our services we offer and pride ourselves on our creatvitity and imagination.
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Active London offer childrens entertainment in and the surrounding areas of London, Hertfordshire and Essex.



My name is Jodie and I am the founder of Active London. I have a passion for acting, performing arts and all things whacky and creative!

Six years ago, I started running projects in Waltham Forest, delivering positive holiday activity programmes for children aged 5 to 19 years. I have used my network in the arts to deliver unique workshops covering a range of different themes and activities from West End musical and Acting to camera programmes for our 11-19 year olds to Pirate training and school for superhero’s for 5-11 year olds.

Whilst continuing to work with Waltham Forest local authority, using my North London connections, Active London opened up our very first multi holiday club in 2017 and from there, opening two other holiday club hubs and four after school hubs.

As a kid, I remember being dropped off at clubs during the holidays whilst my parents were at work and I have very clear memories of my time there. I found most clubs would be specific to just sports or performing arts and although I loved both as a child, I also loved making things, baking and exploring just as much and wanted to have more of a choice and experience new exciting things, especially as I was one of the kids that would be there for the majority of the holidays. Don’t get me wrong I did enjoy my days at clubs; I wasn’t grizzling at the door when my mum dropped my off but nor was I bursting with excitement.
Because of my own personal experience at holiday clubs I knew exactly what Active London was going to offer…. everything I wanted in a club as a kid.

The very best feedback I have received from one of our mums is that her oldest child (9) wrote on a steamy bathroom mirror “holiday club“. This was a couple of weeks before the holidays and I had got chatting to mum at a PTA meeting. I could of burst with pride that this child was so excited to join us!

I have a degree in Performing arts and during my time in the industry, and enjoy my time teaching drama and writing comedy. I have met many wonderful creative people along the way, many of whom have come along to join the Active London team!


We have sports coaches on site every day and children will get a chance to explore a wide variety of sports. From a mini ‘Tough Mudder’, football training on our AstroTurf, a street dance workshop or even an aerobics class!!!


We love getting crafty at Active London and we are always searching for cool new things to create. To graffitiing our own t-shirts, canvas art, jewellery making workshops, D.I.Y pencil cases and much more!


We love to throw a themed day at active london whether it be a pirate and cowboys’ day, superhero’s or unicorns! All our activities will be based around the theme we have that day.


Every day at club we have a challenge of the day! Children will be put in to teams and be asked to create something within a time limit. This could be a boat, a newspaper chair or even a den out of cardboard.